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Our firm is prepared to settle cases that are appropriate for settlement and litigate cases that need to be litigated. We assure you that you will make decisions based on competent advice and counsel.

There are over 60 different broad disciplines, each of which has over 100 sub-categories. We will always find out the details of your case, and assign the attorney with the right experience for your case. If our firm doesn’t have the expertise, we won’t take the case, period.

You can be certain that we have the capability and capacity to fully resolve your legal matter. We will do everything in our power to fight for our clients, providing them with the results that they deserve.

All attorneys do not have trial experience and may go their entire careers without even going to court. You can be confident that our firm has the experience and knowledge to competently handle your case.

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Blessed to have Ms. Cathy on my side!

Cathy was an AMAZING attorney! After I came under investigation by a federal agency, I seriously thought my life was over. Cathy was referred to me by a family friend, so we immediately contacted her. She answered our phone call, and scheduled us to come speak with her asap the very next day. Cathy went to work IMMEDIATELY representing me. She was worth every single cent! She took the time to answer all my questions and heard all my concerns. Every time I needed her, she was there for me. Unfortunately for me, since I did do something illegal, I was indicted and faced one federal charge. My case was considered somewhat high profile, but Ms. Cathy never wavered or showed any sign of incompetence. We faced every obstacle head on and overcame many together. I was originally facing a possible 10 year sentence, however with the outstanding work done by Ms. Cathy, I ultimately was sentenced to serve only 8 months in federal prison. That may not have been the “perfect” outcome, but 8 months is a definite win versus 10 years! Ms. Cathy is an excellent judge of character, and I felt that she truly cared about me not only as a client, but as a friend. She shed tears next to me in the courtroom as I read my statement to the Judge. Even to this day, years after our journey together, I still feel that I can call her anytime, and she will answer me with a smile. I was truly blessed to have Ms. Cathy as my attorney, and anyone would be wise to hire her to represent them.


I was truly blessed and very thankful to have Wayne on my side

“My attorney from this office was Wayne Revack. He handled my divorce in the most efficient and professional manner. He fought for what I needed and did an excellent job at it. Wayne and his staff kept me up to date with the status of my case, communicated with me and provided outstanding performance throughout. I was truly blessed and very thankful to have Wayne on my side.”

Rhonda Gonzalez

Top notch attorney

“Top notch attorney.
My attorney was Samaan.
Best attorney I have had.

Go with a winner if you want justice.”

Jose Aleman

Wayne Revack is a great lawyer with great team

“Wayne Revack is a great lawyer with great team. Always accesible for any questions .Always updating with the next step. They cared for me and my child like a family and fought all the way. He is the lawyer who would not only listen to everything but also he will tell you the plan ahead and always keep you in the loop and fight for you. He is the best.”


Mr. Revack was very encouraging and at the same time very straight forward

“When I called the office Mr. Revack contacted me right away and set an appointment soon after. When I arrived and met with Mr. Revack he was very encouraging and at the same time very straight forward. I appreciate Mr. Revack and his staff so much.”


Catherine is well versed in the law, communicative and at your side through the entire process

“I was beyond worried, confused and disappointed after my DWI. Catherine not only handled all the paperwork, but her confidence in me and words of encouragement made this journey achievable. She was able to maintain my drivers license, my car insurance and use of my vehicle. There are so many flashy attorneys who want your case, but immediately hand it off to their staff. This can be stressful when you don’t understand the law and need someone to fight for you. I can’t say enough about Catherine. She is well versed in the law, communicative and at your side through the entire process.”

Wendy R.

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